Questions you may have about Custom Scrapbooking

1.  How long does it take to create an album?
It usually takes 2-3 days to finish a two page layout.  An album is generally completed in 4-6 weeks. 
It can be completed sooner if needed, but may be subject to expediting fees.

2. Why create a scrapbook?
Instead of having pictures in a box that you never look at. You could enjoy a beautiful album
you would love to show off.  Or create an album for a gift (6x6 or 9x9 albums are great gifts.)

Some ideas are as follows:
• Baby
• Everyday Life
• A Day in the Life of….
• Wedding  (for Bride, Groom, Mother-Of-Bride, Mother-of-Groom, Attendants)
• Memorial or Tribute
• Vacations
• All about (business, someone, programs)
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day
• Birthday
• Teacher Gifts
• ABC Books
• Grandparents & Child
• Special Occasions
(Anniversary, Retirement, Recitals, Promotions, & Graduations)
• School Days
• Pets
• Religions Ceremonies & Celebrations
• Heritage
• Adoption
• Baby Shower
• Bridal Shower
• Sister
• Brothers
• Friends
• Mommy and Me
• Daddy and Me
• ….And Me
• Holidays  

3. What is acid free or archival safe?
The acid found in regular paper can eat into your photos over time, causing yellowing, or even fading. 
Using acid free products allow the aging process of your pictures to slow down.
I use acid free products to prevent the destruction of your photos.

4. What is cropping a photo?Cropping a picture is cutting away unnecessary parts of a photo, or changing a snap of a photo. Cropping is done to either allow more photos on a page, or to draw attention to the subject in the photo. Sometimes, the background of a picture has a personal significance, so please advise if you do NOT want your photos to be cropped.

5. What is journaling?Journaling is what makes a scrapbook different from a plain photo album. 
You not only give the facts (who, what, when, where, why, and how), but you share your feelings and emotions at that time.  This makes the scrapbook become a personalized storybook for you and your family.

6. How is journaling done?
Your own handwriting is the best way to personalize your album, no matter what your handwriting looks like. I can either leave a blank spot for you to journal, or you can tell me what you want written for each layout. ALL the journaling I do for you will be done by a computer

7. If I give you supplies does that lower my cost? Unfortunately, I do not give discounts if you give me supplies to complete your pages.  Sometimes creating a page with limited accessories can actually be harder to design. 
It is important to me to have access to all accessories to find the perfect one for your page. I do give discounts for return customers as well as referral discounts, contact me for more information on these.

8. What is a page protector? Page protectors are a plastic sleeve that fits over your scrapbook page to protect it. 
There are several different kinds available in craft stores.  Depending on the album you purchase beforehand will determine if you need page protectors.  Some albums do come with page protectors, and some do not.  Prices do NOT include page protectors or the actual album.

9. Will I be able to see the pages as you’re completing them or do I have to wait for the finished album?
Yes, you will be involved in the process of the layouts.  Once the page is  planned out I can email you a rough photo of it if you would like. Then we can add your journaling, and make changes if you like.

10. Can I give you memorabilia as well as photos? Absolutely, memorabilia or mementos just help you tell your story even more on a scrapbook page.

11. I started an album, but never finished it.  Do you complete albums for people?
Yes, I will complete an album for you if you did not get to finish. I will do my best to continue with your theme, colors, and ideas. Contact me for pricing for this service

12. If I have a layout in mind, or saw one in a magazine can you re-create it?
I gladly accept ideas and I will do my absolute best to re-create the layout you want.
 Please note that some accessories are difficult to find,
and the page may not look exactly the same.

13. Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you may cancel your order, but you are held responsible for the pages already made at the cost agreed upon. 
Your deposit will be returned minus the cost of any work completed plus return shipping. If you owe more than your deposit, items will be withheld until payment is received.

14. What are my payment options? I accept personal checks.

17. Do you ever help others scrapbook or get organized?
I will help you organize your photos, shop for supplies and give you ideas for your albums. 
My consulting fee is $15.00 an hour.